Suzuki Cars India Launches K-Series Second Generation

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSI), as the sole agent of the holder of Suzuki cars in India, introduced the Ritz, on Tuesday (14 / 4). Second-generation cars K-Series is motorized gasoline. City car models to meet this new demand will drive the familiar with the environment and economical fuel.

Sedan mengusung a 1197 cc engine is made from aluminum material. The sales MSI said that the Suzuki factory is located north of the city Gurgaon call the kitchen pacunya "K12M".

As the AP news agency quoted, engine "K12M" this as a continuation of the mirror to focus the company long-term strategy in expanding factory capacity and introduce new technology.

This new engine is designed in accordance with the conditions in India to lift the "Ritz", premiun Hatchback introduced a new Maruti Suzuki. Before Ritz, Maruti has a 54.2 percent share in Suzuki, years ago has introduced the A-Star, first-generation K-Series engine with K10B.