Arina, Micro Cars from Semarang

Innovation has not stopped people. After GEA PT INKA Madiun, now have aliases micro car micro car that was introduced soon.

his name equally feminine, the name of this micro car is Arina. Cars Arina. Initial idea alias micro car micro car made in the country was the State University of Semarang, funded by the Ministry of Industry.

Arina at this time the car is in the development phase by the State University of Semarang (Unnes), Arina this car and use a motorcycle engine with engine capacity 150 cc, 200 cc and 250 cc.

Who micro car designer? The car is a faculty lecturer Unnes Mechanical Engineering, Widya Aryadi.

"Cars will be using this engine motorcycles with engine capacity 150 cc, 200 cc and 250 cc," said Widya detikOto when contacted, Thursday night (2/4/2009).

4 passenger car with this engine is still using China-made but, from the entire body and chasis Arina created in the country.

"Machines are still imported from China but the chasis and the body 100 percent made in the country. At the moment we still use a small engine from China, the only teeth we add only retreat," he said.

According to him, the engine made in China is shaped like a Honda engine with Tiger just for 1,2,3,4 and 1 forward gear to reverse.

However, my engine 150 cc and 250 cc is not made in China in the test with a Dyno test.

"We have yet to test the engine Dyno," said Widya.