Bangkok Motor Show

Visitors to Bangkok Motor Show (BIMS) 2009 as if created astonishment with a sport car terkeren at this time the Aston Martin DBS.

Because the shape of the, if not one of the visitors made the exhibition impressed by the car used by the secret agent James Bond.

However, the presence of a sport car worth about 30 million Bath or around Rp 10 billion is not representing the name of Aston Martin but rental company car.

Apparently the presence of a car that has a tremendous power to 510 hp with 570 Nm torsi at BIMS 2009 is not for sale to automotive consumers, but can only rent at any time. Of course, the package price that can create headaches.

As quoted BizAsia, on Monday (6/4/2009), the rental company that is creating sensation Master Car Rental. Master Car Rental presumably like to experience driving this super car for the Thai public.

BIMS 2009 followed by the 130 participants from 11 countries engaged in the automotive industry and business support. This event is the event to 30 and estimated akan siphon attention from the 1.6 million visitors.