Most desirable car: Lamborghini Galardo

This is the most desirable consumer car automotive world. Most luxurious, most expensive, and snatch the title as well as four in the four most popular classes. Lamborghini Galardo, become the most popular car in the class coupes, luxury, convertible, and of course the sport sedan class. Lamborghini Galardo even occupied one and two ranking in almost every class. Lamborghini Galardo 2008 but still reach the top. Bugatty Veyron, luxury sport sedan and other expensive terpaut far down in the saloon made famous manufacturer in Italy this.

Copyright Lamborghini
Let's see the distinctive Lamborghini Galardo. From the engine, using the standard version of 5.0 liter V10 engine with a number of cylinder units 10 and 40 valves. Electronic injection use Sequential Electronic Fuel Injected with axis can ganda (DOHC). Machines placed in the back of the hood. Standard non-turbo engine is only producing 530 HP power. Compare it with a sedan on the streets of our city that is only around 75-150 HP. Itupun fast enough. Lamborghini Galardo with how the power of it? Of course, this can drive the car a sensation unimaginable.

Of course the engine to generate power consumption of the fuel is not the size. But just know, the fuel consumption of one liter car for four to five kilometers. However, on the road a bit more sparingly, one liter of fuel can lead to 8 kilometers. Herannya floatation tank fuel storage for small car serakus this. Only with a 45 liter only, so that the distance power of the car is only around 250 km of gas only once the content.

Nothing strange in the other parts for this car sehebat. To four-wheel disc brakes installed, but the size is big enough according to the ability to stop the pace car sekencang Lamborghini Galardo this. To the four wheels are connected to six automatic transmission acceleration, so the car does not slip easily when dipacu. Radial tires standard pack velg 19 inch. Wow this car is really designed for two passengers, alias sport sedan.

Ability "attached" to the other increases as wheel base, or distance pijak car that is big enough, ie, 100.8 inch. Nan luxurious interior with sporty cirri at once futuristic. All system control and rudder terpacak with electronic canggihnya. Steel framework of a strong and ready mengemankan six airbag driver and passenger when the crash occurred. Not typically made Italian leather that is strong and luxurious. The interior is also getting large numbers in support of Lamborghini's most popular car Galardao be along this year.

Now you want to know the price is not it? Default version only reached $ 200 thousand per unit, with the plus version for $ 230 thousand, or around Rp 2.2 billion rupiah. When you go to Indonesia with the luxury car tax at around 200 percent, plus benefits importers, approaching the price of Rp 10 billion. Almost a similar price of used Boeing 737-200 that can still be operated for the business sector in the airlines