Ford Focus Diesel Vs Gasoline

Marketed before the new Focus, Ford motor Indonesia (FMI) invites journalists to try the performance of the car. FMI Focus provides 6 units, consisting of 2 units of sedan, motorized Focus Ghia petrol and 2.0 liter 4 units Hatchback. Focus Hatchback consisting of 2 units of 2.0 liter gasoline (Comfort and Sport) and 2 units of 2.0 liter diesel.

In addition mengemudikannya directly on the road, journalists also were given the opportunity to try a variety of performance abilities Focus, among others, acceleration 0-100 km / hour, the braking 80-0 km / h, slalom, ESP test, and play the Sentul circuit in the wet road surface conditions .

Nevertheless, because of several variants, testing can not be done to compare between variants completely. To test the brake, slalom, which is used only ESP Focus diesel.

To acceleration, directly compared the ability Focus Hatchback 2.0 liter gasoline Sport vs Diesel.

By using the same transmission otomatik, the same engine capacity, Focus more brave than diesel fuel. On average, acceleration 0-100 km / hour from gasoline Sport Focus: about 13 seconds. While TDCi Diesel or 10 seconds. Even have to reach 9.58 seconds.

Tests using the Focus TDCi. To 80-0 km distance, braking distance according to the best Ford is 25 meters. When dites by journalists who have reached 18.90 meters. Interesting, with ABS, even though they repeatedly used for braking, tire fixed mulus. There are no symptoms experienced kebotakan pda parts. Pedal vibration when the car is almost not felt direm.

Slalom & field
Test ESP (electronic stability program) conducted on the speed of 60 km / hr with a wet road surface conditions. The car was nimble and responsive under the command setirnya drivers. Apparently all reporters can run tests without having to throw the cone as a sign for berkelit to the right and left.

Once tried to slalom, Focus is able to prove kelincahannya. Despite the watwan not peslalom professional, was able berzig well-zag between the cone.

Additional information, ESP is used only on the TDCi Sport.

'Hot Lap'
Accident, when the ability to turn test various aspects of work for 4 cars lap, light rain came down. At the speed of 80 km / hour, the car is so easy to turn with no symptoms discard. While the road surface wet. Drivers work more easily because drivers do not need to move the teeth.

Position of director
Feel comfortable sitting position. Column can dinaik-down so that drivers can obtain maximum comfort. Hand can easily reach the wheel. So also with the gas pedal, and brake pedal.

Hand brake, the transmission lever can be reached and operated easily. Vision to the front, side and rear wide.

For passengers
Sitting as a passenger, both in front and behind, felt very comfortable through various road conditions.

For stability, the Ford Focus WRC also trusted as indeed irrefutable. No less interesting, Focus TDCi Diesel or have the capability to more powerful acceleration.

For diesel engine, Ford must provide more incentive to the consumer because there are many common assumes, diesel engines and less jaded quickly from gasoline engines. They also consider, diesel engine is less comfortable.

Among the variants Focus, diesel versions have several advantages compared to gasoline engines. The first acceleration, the diesel yield torsi far greater and is in the lower rounds. This is very fitting for a street jammed and the rise and many derivative. Not less pentuing, fuel consumption, more economical.

Focus diesel engine performance is also okay! When the machine is turned on in the morning hours at a temperature of 21 degrees celsius, engine life can be fast and does not produce the sound is much more subtle than past diesel engines. This is the severity of the present diesel engine using common rail technology.

Compared with gasoline engines, engine a bit more rough. Vibration is also larger. However, with a reducer system, the vibration in the body does not feel so. Even if the bonnet is closed, if not, can dikira gasoline engines.

That is the value added to the Ford Focus diesel engine. Although the price of fuel is used more expensive than gasoline (PERTAMAX Super or Shell), a total cost of fuel so much cheaper. Because the more economical, but also friendly to the environment.

Unfortunately, we can not get the price difference between diesel versus petrol Focus. So the version that has ESP and who do not. Of course, the car plant, especially the diesel common rail technology, plus a variable turbo-more expensive. If the price difference is discovered, can also be counted, when the value of gas obtained from the engine optimally. Whether one or two years?

No less interesting, the higher the frequency of car use, the diesel engine to provide quick profits, despite the initial investment should be spent more expensive because the price is higher than gasoline, the car plant.